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I started writing this post yesterday, late afternoon, but, how it's winter in this hemisphere, it was already pitch dark, though more so than I've lately been accustomed to. (Feels like it's been darkness all day long honestly.) I was also in a lot of physical pain due to exhaustion, as well as mildly soggy from the rain I'd completely overlooked occurs here all the time—clearly, I was in all sorts of denial. My spelling was getting slurred (if typing can be slurred in the same way speech can) and, what with my internet connection in fact non-existent, it turned out to be just generally so much better for everyone involved that I didn't have the opportunity to post anything related to my journey from one part of the continent to the other.

It's funny even now to think about how awake I've been for pretty much the entirety of my trip. I was exhausted—and felt it—but I was wide awake and on-point regardless. I've managed to eat more gelatin-based foods than I should have, methinks, but that's probably just because my hind-brain went into action and required me to provide it and my body with basics: water, caffeine and, apparently, non-brand Jell-o. Although, honestly, the fourteen hours of sleep I managed were sorely needed to function again, however much coffee helps.

It's been... interesting. And very weird. To be back. Yeah. I don't even know. I'm acting as a sort of poor relation to a friend who's still here and acting as my guide for the moment. Well, free coffee is a great guilt-relieved and that's Truth right there, but I feel bad for taking advantage, though it must be as obvious to her as it is to me that I desperately need all the help I'm being so generously offered. Basic things I need on campus while I'm here have yet to be sorted out, but I have faith and trust and basically nothing to lose that they will be by the time I need to be back in the swing of things.

Biggest shocker when I was finally back? My outstanding library fine (after four years!).

Second biggest? How many people are still here. That's not me being mean about it, but I guess just vaguely surprised. It's shocking to run into someone one thought was in one's past. People have surprised-concerned faces all over the place whenever they bump into me (non-physical bumping, just so we're clear, I'm not that accident-prone), but I hope it can settle into some form of "normality" by the time courses begin. It's a bit strange to be regarded with looks I rarely get these days. I've actually, to my utmost surprised, been asked by a complete stranger whether I was married with two kids now, since I've been away for almost four years.

Yep, life is strange. Well, I guess just mine. Note: I still hate flying.


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