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It's official: Friday kicks my arse.

And I thought Tuesday was bad...

You know what else seriously sucks? Here's a list:

1). My stomach. My stomach, yes, is a total suck-fest of suck all by itself. Yesterday was the worst I've felt in probably weeks and weeks. I don't even know how to describe how horrible yesterday evening and night were without going into horror movie territory. My body is trying to kill me any way it knows how, I swear.

2). The weather in Northern Germany. Fuck you, weather!

3). The wind. No, no, really, hear me out: caffeine plus weird tap water plus liquid soap plus dusty libraries plus the wind in Northern Germany equals dry, chapped hands. I've got healing wounds on my damn hands now, thank you very much.

4). Bad coffee. Hey, look, I know that, really, at the end of the day, I'm not particularly fond of the taste of coffee, yet I drink it by the bucket-full. I get it, I do. I just need the caffeine so very much, you know? So, really, I don't much mind what type of coffee it is; basically, I'll add enough milk and sweetener to drown out the taste. So, if you really think about it, I shouldn't really care about the type of coffee as I'm mostly not interested in anything other than that sweet caffeine kick. But come on! Instant coffee is just... a crime against humanity or something!

5). Social. Awkwardness. (Enough said, am I right?!?)

I'm not sure there was an actual point to this post...

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The tone of the posts over the last few days has been a bit intense and a lot heavy. Here's something reasonably lighter; we all needed it, methinks.

One). Keeping milk on my windowsill.

This goes for any and all milk and milk by-products. Or things in likely need of constant refrigeration. Other than the possibility of things falling off said windowsill, there is the obvious disadvantage of living on the ground floor and the threat of things "disappearing". On the other hand, the entire point of keeping things on my windowsill is the much more pressing concern of my possessions disappearing from the floor kitchen. I'd rather someone went to the trouble of navigating a stone garden—which is the unlikely area outside my window—than of casually appropriating things from the refrigerator they most definitely did not put there themselves.

Two). Abusing caffeine, especially in the form of coffee, though Coke Zero is certainly not helping.

Three). Instant soup. Man, it's like I'm an outlaw or something.

In all seriousness, that shit ain't good for you, or anyone you know. Kinda tasty, though. Must be the added salty goodness. You know I can't resist that salty goodness.

I'm having it by the barrel-full while I still can. My family monitors my chemically-manufactured foods intake like no one else's family, I'm sure. At least, I hope no one gets yelled at as I do for consuming artificial flavouring.

Four). Drinking alcohol at dinner. After barely eating breakfast and skipping lunch. Then jogging at night. Jogging while sobering up should not be attempted. Also, I think maybe my body's alcohol-processing capabilities have severely diminished since I slimmed down some years back. All I know is that I ain't holding my liquor as I used to.

There is no number five this time around. I'm tired. I'm mentally exhausted. I've been socialising unsuccessfully. I can't be bothered, really. I'm surprised I can still spell to be perfectly frank. Sleep beckons.

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I'm either too caffeinated for my own good or at the start of sleep deprivation. Either way, this list totally made sense as I was writing it.

I haven't completely tested this hypothesis, but I'm pretty sure the amount of embarrassment one can suffer in front of one's professor goes to infinity. These are the best ways to go about reaching that with minimal straining.

(1). Accidentally attaching smut/porn you'd previously saved on your computer to the e-mail containing your latest assignment. No amount of assurance from your professor can negate the sad truth: they totally opened that one fic you were saving for later. And yes, they will be judging you for as long as you both walk this planet and possibly continuing on into other parts of the Solar System and beyond.

(2). Calling a professor "dude"—in front of an entire auditorium. (To be fair, he did respond, and with utter earnestness. Yes, I've actually done this one.)

(3). Deciding on the spur of the moment to ignore the given essay assignment and to instead write on your own special topic. In detail. With references. When said topic has absolutely nothing to do with the course in question. Bonus points if it turns out to be about something biological, sexual, or just plain embarrassing for everyone involved. Hell, all of the above. (See: Teen Wolf, Stiles Stilinski, male circumcision. Oh, yes.)

(4). "O Captain! My Captain!" Enough said.

(5). Being caught doing the walk of shame by a professor. Bonus points if said professor is also doing the walk of shame at the same time.

...and now I'm wondering whether this will remain my state of mind for the remainder of the semester.

My brain is a strange place.


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