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Name:Ella Nicoară
Birthdate:Oct 4, 1987

I am a 28-year-old cis female writer. Pansexual. Panromantic. Avid reader. Atheist. I like to share aspects of my life no one has expressly enquired about. Currently studying International Politics and History in Germany. Born and raised in Romania.

My calendar week starts on Sunday. Why not?

Interests (150):

absurd, absurdism, academia, acting, agatha christie, alan moore, alfred hitchcock, alternative, alternative rock, anarchism, angela carter, anime, anxiety, aphra behn, art, arthur conan doyle, asexuality, atheism, books, bookshops, bram stoker, buffy the vampire slayer, catherynne m. valente, china miéville, colm tóibín, cultural appropriation, cultural marxism, culture, deconstruction, depression, dictionary, discworld, dracula, drama, e.m. forster, ecology, ellen degeneres, ellen page, emily dickinson, emma, emma woodhouse, english, erotica, essays, ethics, ewan mcgregor, existentialism, fan fiction, fantasy, feminism, fiction, films, florence + the machine, gabriel garcía márquez, gender, gender studies, george orwell, germany, gothic horror, graphic novels, guillermo del toro, harry potter, havelock vetinari, heidi cullinan, historiography, history, horror, human rights, ian mcewan, ian mckellen, iceland, in the flesh, irvine welsh, italo calvino, j.k. rowling, jack kerouac, jacques derrida, james joyce, james stewart, jane austen, japan, jennifer lawrence, john le carré, joss whedon, journalism, kit marlowe, lewis carroll, lgbt, lgbtq, lgbtqa, malcolm gladwell, manga, mathematics, metaphysics, michel foucault, modernism, muriel spark, mythology, neil gaiman, neurotransmitters, new media, noam chomsky, nonfiction, northanger abbey, novels, p.d. james, patricia highsmith, peer-reviewed journals, perfume, philosophy, poetry, political science, poppy z. brite, post-modernism, pride and prejudice, psychology, punk, quentin tarantino, reading, revolution, sarah waters, scarlett johansson, semiotics, social constructivism, social justice, social sciences, sociology, symbolism, terry pratchett, the netherlands, the new pornographers, the price of salt, thesaurus, tom hardy, tori amos, trans, transgender, transgressive, umberto eco, vampires, victor hugo, victorian novels, virginia woolf, vladimir nabokov, werewolves, william blake, words, writing, yuletide, zombies
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