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I haven't been getting much sleep since about Sunday. And then there's all this crap I had to get done in such a short time due mainly yesterday and today.

Hence today's been, understandably, kind of an intense blur.

Like, I can recall what I've been doing as if someone were hitting me upside the head the entire time, and my vision turned out all blurry because of it.

(Or something along those lines?)

Fuck, do I even make sense right now?

In any case, while I was in class today, silently freaking out about the presentation I was about to give, while still trying my best to pay attention to the Abbé Sieyès, "What is the Third Estate?" presentation once removed from mine—not because it represented new information, but rather that the professor and/or the presenter might notice I was so not paying attention to anything other than my own crap—it occurred to me (I swear I have a point in this sentence!) that cis-het white privilege is similar to aristocratic and clergy privilege as outlined in the pamphlet.

My point in a nutshell to how there is a pattern of continued social discrimination which extends to LGBTQQIAAP+, POC, and just generally to unvoiced, unrepresented voices. We are the third estate.

(Does this make sense?)

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