Mon, Feb. 23rd, 2015

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The sometimes physically-debilitating stress I encounter in my current environment means I've come up with some pretty inventive and (potentially) dubious means by which to calm myself down enough to keep going with whatever is at hand. Last evening I came home from the second meeting of the day, checked my e-mails, and consequently freaked the fuck out. I ain't even gonna shit you on this; I was pretty much pacing and flailing for a fair bit.

Hence, baking.

Because that makes sense. Too bad no one wants healthy cookies... )

I'd love to experiment more, but I hate hate hate keeping non-packaged food in my room for any length of time. I devour all fruit as quickly as possible, and one can hardly experiment with three or four ingredients that always seem to be the same.

What I did find out was that being productive in the most random way (i.e., baking, drawing) generally calms me. Well, not so much found out as confirmed. The panic and anxiety recede somewhat and I can think clearly once more.


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