Sat, Feb. 21st, 2015

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It's official: Friday kicks my arse.

And I thought Tuesday was bad...

You know what else seriously sucks? Here's a list:

1). My stomach. My stomach, yes, is a total suck-fest of suck all by itself. Yesterday was the worst I've felt in probably weeks and weeks. I don't even know how to describe how horrible yesterday evening and night were without going into horror movie territory. My body is trying to kill me any way it knows how, I swear.

2). The weather in Northern Germany. Fuck you, weather!

3). The wind. No, no, really, hear me out: caffeine plus weird tap water plus liquid soap plus dusty libraries plus the wind in Northern Germany equals dry, chapped hands. I've got healing wounds on my damn hands now, thank you very much.

4). Bad coffee. Hey, look, I know that, really, at the end of the day, I'm not particularly fond of the taste of coffee, yet I drink it by the bucket-full. I get it, I do. I just need the caffeine so very much, you know? So, really, I don't much mind what type of coffee it is; basically, I'll add enough milk and sweetener to drown out the taste. So, if you really think about it, I shouldn't really care about the type of coffee as I'm mostly not interested in anything other than that sweet caffeine kick. But come on! Instant coffee is just... a crime against humanity or something!

5). Social. Awkwardness. (Enough said, am I right?!?)

I'm not sure there was an actual point to this post...

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