Mon, Feb. 16th, 2015

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On Friday morning I had the distinct displeasure to realise I was going to be useless during the pre-lunch two and half hours double-session course scheduled for that morning. Because mornings. Enough said. )

Which would bring us to today, and the mediocre cup of coffee I had in the morning, followed by one good cup at around lunch time. With the exception of a few sips of Coke Zero throughout the day, I've managed to survive a tiring day with limited artificial stimulation.

I'm not done tweaking my caffeine levels and recording what happens, but I do have to say today was physically exhausting, yet it took longer than expected to feel mentally tired. My focus could be benefiting from this new arrangement, though it's too early to say if this can be sustained, or even whether other factors might not have been hugely influential.

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Sometimes (i.e., every single moment of every single day) I despair at the state of humanity, at my poor social skills, at the dissimulation some people get up to. To be utterly candid here, I'm of the strong belief that most people just plain suck. My social anxiety and general awkwardness where human beings are concerned don't prevent my seeing how badly some individuals choose to treat their friends for no good reason.

And then there's today. (Um, well, yesterday now, but you know what I mean.)

Against all odds (and a vast amount of prior experience where such attempts ended up being futile), I managed to track down and reconnect with an old friend I haven't seen in almost four years.

The Skype conversation was casual and friendly and promising, and just generally a nice way to restart a friendship. We might actually get to see each other in the latter part of this spring (fingers cross, sacrificial pyre lit, and all that good stuff).

Why can't things always go this smoothly? Why are some people such arseholes? Why am I asking questions no one has been able to figure out for millennia now?

If I weren't already quite drained, I'd do a silly little dance to commemorate the occasion of things actually going my way.


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