Sat, Feb. 14th, 2015

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It's been a long (and I mean long) day, both physically and mentally tiring for a variety of reasons, and this post might reflect said raggedness. However, as with most things I chose to write about at odd hours of the night, it is necessary to record the immediate reactions I had.

(Holy shit! It took me for ever to write this out. What?!?)

I've only just arrived back from the type of event I've been wanting to attend for some time now. It was good, very promising; it was a chance for a dialogue in a safe space where conversations about gender and sexuality and social perception and sex and many other messy human issues can be started without fear of negative (i.e., judgemental) social repercussions.

I'm relatively certain not everyone got what they either wanted or needed from this meeting, but, as I also mentioned during the get-together, it was a chance to experience the sort of dialogue that doesn't come up in daily life, and, when it does, it carries with it judgement. I could see some bafflement on some people's faces, and I do realise that one point of view on an issue does not necessarily represent the opinion of anyone else, much less of everyone present (hence the need of such a space in which to converse), but it was a positive experience in the sense of knowing that there are others who do not subscribe to a gender-binary, heteronormative, hyper-sexual world. I need to know this in my veins, almost viscerally.

I'm curious about where else this will lead.

Honestly, I'm so damn tired right now I can't even process the fact that I've just written a post. It's beyond me how I managed to be coherent.


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