Tue, Feb. 10th, 2015

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The tone of the posts over the last few days has been a bit intense and a lot heavy. Here's something reasonably lighter; we all needed it, methinks.

One). Keeping milk on my windowsill.

This goes for any and all milk and milk by-products. Or things in likely need of constant refrigeration. Other than the possibility of things falling off said windowsill, there is the obvious disadvantage of living on the ground floor and the threat of things "disappearing". On the other hand, the entire point of keeping things on my windowsill is the much more pressing concern of my possessions disappearing from the floor kitchen. I'd rather someone went to the trouble of navigating a stone garden—which is the unlikely area outside my window—than of casually appropriating things from the refrigerator they most definitely did not put there themselves.

Two). Abusing caffeine, especially in the form of coffee, though Coke Zero is certainly not helping.

Three). Instant soup. Man, it's like I'm an outlaw or something.

In all seriousness, that shit ain't good for you, or anyone you know. Kinda tasty, though. Must be the added salty goodness. You know I can't resist that salty goodness.

I'm having it by the barrel-full while I still can. My family monitors my chemically-manufactured foods intake like no one else's family, I'm sure. At least, I hope no one gets yelled at as I do for consuming artificial flavouring.

Four). Drinking alcohol at dinner. After barely eating breakfast and skipping lunch. Then jogging at night. Jogging while sobering up should not be attempted. Also, I think maybe my body's alcohol-processing capabilities have severely diminished since I slimmed down some years back. All I know is that I ain't holding my liquor as I used to.

There is no number five this time around. I'm tired. I'm mentally exhausted. I've been socialising unsuccessfully. I can't be bothered, really. I'm surprised I can still spell to be perfectly frank. Sleep beckons.


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