Tue, Jan. 20th, 2015

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Listen, I've had to pack and move from country to country way too many times in the past to be an amateur at it anymore, yet I still find it daunting due to the entire process fuelling in me a hatred I reserve for fewer things than one might think. This all-burning abhorrence derives from the unavoidable post-moving realisation that I forgot to bring that one thing I never knew I couldn't comfortably live without. It's happened to all of us and you know it.

However, there is one situation I like to call "intermediate moving", which basically boils down to moving for a shorter period of time than, say, a year, yet which comprises several seasons and, therefore, several more clothing options than just an extended holiday might entail. It's made much worse by having to go from winter—a season I detest both on principle and through extensive experience—to spring to summer. It furthermore turns into the worst thing I continually have to deal with by it being an academically-related move, thus I have to look as if I own more than three pairs of jeans and two jumpers.

I'm a list-maker extraordinaire and this helps like nothing else, true, but the struggle to know what to bring and what to confidently leave behind persists.

Take, for example, outerwear. I rely on hooded sweatshirts to get me through everything Mother Nature can throw at me until I physically cannot do so anymore. If I'm dealing with winter apparel, I simply pack the warmest coat/jacket I own and be done with it. This time around I'm not sure I should. It's a gorgeous jacket I have in mind, but it's heavy and possibly impractical once spring rolls around. Taking under consideration how the weather has been lately, I genuinely think it might just be overkill to go with the same jacket I wore when it was minus twenty-seven and windy. Then should I just go with my autumn jacket and hope for the best?

I'm bringing three pairs of shoes because of weight reasons, and I'm mostly going with neutrals and knitted stuff for the bulk of what I plan to wear until about mid-April. Should I go wild when it comes to tees? I want to, very much so, but struggling with an enormous piece of luggage through the snow and slush isn't my idea of fun. I'll be lifting said piece of luggage onto conveyor bells and trains and over stiles. I want to travel light, but the niggling thought that I need more, more and more for those four months I'm officially away cannot be swatted away.

I'm worried my cosmetics won't survive baggage handling, but I have a routine I do not enjoy breaking. Furthermore, it's unfair to own things and not use them.

How about books then? Should I just go wild, and just bring along all I might possibly maybe sorta kinda need/want? Will I have time to read all that and what's mandatory for coursework as well? Is the extra laptop really necessary? How much can I reasonably get away with purchasing once I've arrived?

There is no solid, unquestionable answer to the myriad of enquiries I have both towards myself and the world at large. Stalling doesn't change that I have to be done with packing by a week from today. I still hate packing, and I still hate moving, but it need to Get Done, so list-making it is and hoping for the best when all else fails.

Hopefully I won't have to deal with extra surprises at the airport. Flying sucks as it is.


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